About Us

About Us

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JVV was destined to promote positivity, self development, enlightenment, information, and awareness to those who are listening and awake.......... or at least making an attempt.

Uncovering past hidden knowledge of Enlightenment Holistic Natural Health together with JayVedas Vitality Vault with an Ayurvedic twist. Increasing our awareness, knowledge, and application of knowledge will help humankind accomplish a higher level of enlightenment.

These are just some of the topics About Us that JVV will be covering throughout our website and content: Natural, Formal, and Social Sciences, TCM, Ayurvedic Recipes, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Acology, Ecology, Acoustics, Aerology, Neurochemistry, Herbology, Holistic, Astronomy, Astrology, Physics, Astrophysics, Quantum physics, Oceanography, Botany, Philosophy, Physiology, Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Healthy Recipes, Medicinal Herbs, Botany, Ayurveda, Sound Frequencies & all other Frequencies, Vibrations, Music section, Quantum Mechanics, Tai Chi, lots and lots and lots of Yoga, Informative videos, Articles, database, and ancient knowledge that is not common knowledge.

JVV is always a work in progress, continuously growing and expanding, we appreciate your loyalty and understanding.

We love our online community, feel free to contact us anytime about anything from suggestions, questions, errors, topics requests, concerns and pretty much anything else you would like to say, as long as you keep it classy.

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JVV sends positive vibes and hopes you have a great day!


JVV will be covering throughout our website and content: Natural, Formal, and Social Sciences. Including but not limited to Natural, Formal, and Social Sciences...


Here are some easy homemade recipes from shakesteas & tonics, snacks & desserts, dressings & condiments.