Is Distilled Water Really The Best Water To Drink?

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All over the internet, there seems to be quite the controversy over is distilled water really the best, simply typing the first few letter produces a wide range of inquiries and articles on the subject. Some are under the impression that consuming distilled water is in poor health and can have negative repercussions. Yet others take it as gospel and postulate it’s the fountain of youth. However, there hasn’t been any extensive testing done on the matter and the verdict is still up for debate. Water is one of the ways that the body disposes of toxins, so I think of it like trying to clean dirty clothes with dirty water. It may be slightly cleaner than before, but it won’t be clean.  Most commercial soda beverages, some beer, wines, and alcohol are made with only distilled water. Copious amounts of devices, machines, steam irons and boilers all over the world require distilled water also. Not to mention the Earth only creates pure water through snow, rain, dew, water in vegetables and fruits which will get polluted once it comes into contact with any contaminant or toxins in the atmosphere or the grounds. That said, I will provide you with some information and just let you be the judge. Personally, distilled water is the only water I will consume, cook, water my garden with, and just tastes so divine and heavenly. If I had pets, I would give them distilled as well. Funny story, I once met a cat that would only drink distilled water, also another on that preferred toilet water…….. meh!

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What is distilled water?

Created by boiling water causing evaporation producing a gas (steam), which is then cooled through a condenser creating pure water.

Here are some of the benefits: (Distilled vs Filtered Water vs Boiled Water)

  • Impurity free
  • Chemical free
  • DBP free
  • Bacteria free
  • Chlorine free
  • No smell or taste
  • Contaminant-free
  • Toxin-free
  • Reduces the risk of disease
  • Pesticide & Herbicide free

Here are some the myths debunked:

Distillation removes vital minerals from the water thus creating a deficiency in the body. Yes, the distillation process removes every single mineral from the water. However, the key to being able to consume distilled water safely is to ensure your diet meets your caloric needs for the day. Don’t forget to include activities, daily routine, geographical location, season and current health as factors when calculating your daily needs. (E.g. Someone living in the artic would require x2 or more just because of the weather.)   Consumption of distilled water can cause tooth decay and discolored teeth. This one could not be farther away from the truth. Again there have been absolutely no tests done to confirm if this is true. In fact, many people testify that it makes your teeth whiter, I am also one of them. I started drinking distilled exclusively 6 months ago and my teeth are noticeably whiter. To the point that many people have complimented my teeth, a few I know even asked if I just got teeth whitening done.

 Things to be aware of:

Before Starting a distilled water regiment, it is wise to determine your current mineral levels through the means of a blood test from your GP. IF your ph is much higher/lower than 7.35-745, distilled water will re-balance those levels. Always monitor your ph as time passes and ensure that your levels are within the recommended range. One could also make the water alkaline by adding fresh lemon juice.

Having a well-balanced healthy diet primarily consisting of vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains will be the essential when consuming distilled water exclusively. As stated earlier, make sure you hit your daily calorie intake.

Chlorine & a few other chemicals are not separated in the distillation process, as a result, it is wise to utilize a carbon filter before distilling the water to remove those chemicals.

If using a distiller, always dispose of the first 1/4 cup for every 4L produced. Some chemicals evaporate at a lower temperature than water, just like the moon-shining days, you always dump the first bit.

Always store distilled water bottles in cool places, avoid direct sunlight. This one is open to interpretation as well. Some say exposing it to the sun re-energizes the water.

If you are worried about a mineral deficiency, a great way to counteract and mineralizes the water is to store it in a copper vessel for 24 hours. The ancient Ayurvedic text also states storing water in a copper vessel also rebalances the ph level to sufficient levels of the body. You can also request a blood test before and after to confirm if there are any negative side effects.

You may have a taste preference, probably wise to purchase distilled water from your local grocery store and test it out. The taste we are used to in that of a chemical taste, pure water will taste "weird" at first. Now I can tell the difference between distilled, bottled, and tap water after consuming distilled regularly for a while now.

Cost of distilled water in a bottle. Here locally to me its cheaper than a 24 pack at Walmart and always in stock and full. That said I have noticed that the stocks seem to be disappearing quicker than before, maybe it has caught on.

You be the judge and form your own logical decision on is distilled water the best!


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