Plants To Purify The Air Indoors

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What does the office or home have in common with a NASA spaceship? Unfortunately the answer may be poor air quality. Indoor air pollutants is ranked among the top 3 environmental risks to public health/ Stagnant or stale indoor environments allow pollutants to build up and stick around in large amounts than we humans should not be breathing in. Living and working in places with air contaminants and lacking decent ventilation can cause many health issues such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and eye, ear, and nose irritation. NASA scientists have been diligently working to understand this problem in depth and find solutions. Their space-age solution was an easy one that anyone can use: Use houseplants to clean the air.

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This plant is very colorful and fragrant. It not only aids anxiety, depression, purifies indoor air, but also fights against stress and nervousness.

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It can calm your nerves, eliminates any form of tension and can even relieve nausea. Mint is easy to maintain because it needs only natural light.

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Gerbera Daisy

Add this plant to your laundry room to remove benzene and formaldehyde that is commonly found in laundry detergent for great air purification.

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Cactus Plant

A cactus plant placed near a computer or television screen protects you from electromagnetic fields.This is a low-maintenance plant, just water it once a month and place it in natural light.

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African Violets

Just gazing at the plant can help to stimulate adrenaline release and can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which can help you to relax .

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Aloe Vera

It is an depolluting plant. Just like the cactus, Aloe Vera fights against electromagnetic waves. Moreover, this plant is necessary if you have mites in the house. And of course, aloe vera improves the quality of the air in the bedroom by releasing oxygen in the air at night.


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